Holy Trinity Ettingshall

Holy Trinity Organ



The Organ

The instrument came in 1961 from Reeves and Merner, a Stoke organ builder.  It was then maintained by Hawkins & Son of Walsall Wood until 1986, until it was rebuilt by John F Lloyd, an organ builder from Bilston in 1986. The  Great sound board was replaced in 1995 due to  a leaky window: In 2007 the Positiv manual, Clarinet and Trumpet was added also by Lloyd. The instrument is now maintained by Ross Daly of Worcester.

The last full restoration of the organ took place 30 years ago. Since then a number of things have happened.

The leather used on the stop slide power motors has aged and is now stiff, making it less flexible.

The resin from the incense used in the services creates a sticky coating on the leather power motors, note pallets, wind trunking, sound board chests and pipework. In turn dust then adheres to this sticky coating. The accumulation of 30 years’ incense residue and dust makes the function of these parts unreliable.

To restore the organ to its 1986 condition will cost £45,000 which we are now trying to raise. If you are interested in donating, or in organising a fundraising activity to support the organ restoration, please contact Director of Music Chris Orme via the contact page on this website. We would love to restore this fine instrument to its fullest potential.


Organ Specification: Holy Trinity Ettingshall



Dulciana                                  8’                     56 pipes

Stopped Diapason                  8’                     56

Suabe Flute                             4’                     56

Nazard                                      2 2/3                  56

Recorder                                2’                        56

Tierce                                      1 3/5                      51


Open diapason                         8’                     56

Stopped Diapason                   8’                     56

Octave                                        4’                     56

Flute Harmonique                   4’                     56

Twelfth                                       2 2/3                  56

Fifteenth                                    2’                     56

Piccolo Harmonique  (tc)       2’                     44

Mixture II                                   (17-19)           112

Orchestral oboe                         8’                     56

Swell sub octave to Great

Swell to Great

Swell super octave to Great


Violin Diapason                      8’                     56*

Leiblich Gedact                       8’                     44*

Gamba                                      8’                     44*

Voix Celeste  (tc)                    8’                     44

Gemshorn                                4’                     56

Mixture III                               (19-22-26)                168

Cornopean                               8’                     56

Oboe                                         8’                     56

Super Octave

Sub Octave


5 note top octave extension chest    15

* Bottom octave shared



Sub Bass                                  32’       (Acoustic)

Grande Bourdon                    16’                   30

Leiblich Bourdon                   16’       (Restricted supply)

Bass Flute                                8’                     12

Octave Flute                            4’                     12

Block Flute                              2’                     12

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Great and Pedal pistons coupled

Great/Positive Reeds

Clarinet          (tc)                  8’                     44

Trumpet                                 8’                     56

Reeds on Great

Reeds on Positive


Detached console

3 thumb pistons to Great

Trumpet on Great thumb piston

General Cancel thumb piston

Swell expression pedal

3 thumb pistons to Swell

3 toe pistons to Swell

3 toe pistons to Pedal

Great & Pedal pistons combined tab

Swell to Great reverser thumb & toe piston

Great to Pedal reverser thumb & toe piston

Swell to Pedal reverser thumb & toe piston

2nd touch to Positive tablets


Manuals CC – G 56 notes

Pedals CCC – F 30notes

Electric action throughout

Total pipes = 1584